4 Milestones –  Every Hair Loss Patient Has To Undergo During Hair Transplantation

In today’s blog, we are going to learn about the milestones which a hair-loss patient has to achieve in the journey of getting done with the hair transplant in Punjab. These steps are also known as the cost determining points since these influence the eventual hair transplant cost in Punjab.

 Milestone 1: The Initial Consultation

The doctors at our clinic are highly responsible for carrying out a successful hair transplantation procedure. For this reason, they require to have a one-to-one interaction with the patient which they know as the initial consultation. In this, the doctor is supposed to focus on the following credentials:

  • Trying to bring the patient into the comfort zone
  • Trying to extract all the necessary details regarding the patient
  • Know about each bit of the medical history of the patient
  • Get to reach to the cause of the hair loss
  • Have an idea about how many total numbers of grafts will be needed

Milestone 2: Get yourself prepared

The cosmetic surgeons at our clinic do not carry out the treatment unless they get assured that the patient’s body is ready to take up the load of the procedure. There are so many things which the patients are supposed to commence doing, and so many others which the patient ought to avoid.

Things to Follow

  • Intake of the good diet
  • Keeping the body healthy

Things to Completely Avoid

  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Cigarette Consumption
  • Styling of the hairs

Milestone 3: Its Treatment Time!

Don’t be nervous, everything is going to be fine!

Since you are with us, then I don’t think there is even 1% need to be stressed.

  • Before Commencing the treatment, the doctor will administer you with local anaesthesia.
  • Firstly, the hair follicles from the scalp will be extracted. Based on the type of procedure you are undergoing, it will be decided whether the strips or the grafts are to be extracted.
  • Next, comes the transplantation procedure. The extracted and separated hair follicles will be implanted in the scalp.
  • It thoroughly depends on the type of the procedure, the number of grafts to be transplanted and the medical condition of the patient, to know how many sittings are required by the patient to accomplish the procedure.

Milestone 4: Recovery Period

We mention this thing in all of our blogs and the articles, that 50-% of the success of the procedure is dependent on the recovery period. If the patient is taking care of himself in a very good manner during this period, then nobody can emerge as a hindrance in making the procedure a huge success.

Please, have realistic expectations!

The hair transplantation procedure is not a magical procedure. It takes time to show the results.

First of all the transplanted hair get shed off which is a natural phenomenon. After some time, these are replaced by naturally grown hair. And some mild and slight alterations keep on happening.

Final Comments!

If you want to know some of the milestones in detail, then please let us know. We shall try to put maximum information in our next blog.