Hair Loss in Women


We all know that hair loss is more common in men than women. Still, hair loss in women, this phrase in itself is very distressing for women. Appearance is what matters a lot in this world but for women it is everything. They spend hours on their makeup, dresses, etc. to look good and beautiful. So we can understand that how stressful hair fall can be for women as beautiful hair are an integral part of women’s beauty.



    To understand more about hair loss in women, it is important to know the reasons and causes behind this. Until the time you don’t know the root of the problem, how will you get the solution for it. So some of the common reason for women hair loss are:
    Change in the level of hormones considerably affect hair follicles and rate of falling hair. Androgen is one culprit among the other hormones which is male hormone and increase in the level of it cause hair to fall. The hormonal changes at the time of menopause and pregnancy also affect the hair growth. Change in thyroid hormones also affects hair growth.

    Genes play a good role in hair growth and hair loss both. You must have seen that if a mother has a long beautiful hair then the daughter will also have long hair. And if apply in another way also. If any of the parents is having hair loss problem then the chances of hair loss increased in the child as well.

    Nobody wants to age but this is a normal process and we can’t stop it. Hair loss do occur because of aging because as we age, the hair follicle gets weaken and this speed up the hair fall which causes hair loss.

    Some auto-immune disease or skin disease start damaging hair follicles which cause excessive hair loss. In these cases, normally you don’t have any treatment for it.

    Except this, scalp fungal infection, lack of nutrition especially of iron and vitamin B and use of hair styling products can cause hair loss in women.


    n this case, the change in androgen production affects the hair follicles and ultimately cause the hair loss in women.

    Telogen is a resting phase of hair follicles. This type of hair loss occurs when body face any trauma such as a major surgery, childbirth, malnutrition, stress, etc. which shift the hair follicles to telogen phase because of it.

    This occurs in the case of auto-immune disease, in which body immune system start considering hair follicles as a foreign body and destroys it to save the body.

    Those whose breasts hurt, heavy, and also cause pain in the neck or the back

    It occurs in the case of local trauma to hair follicle by hairstyle which pulls the hair roots tightly like tight ponytails or braids, etc.


    Hair Transplant



    Pluck test is also called as trichogram. In this, on the fifth day of hair wash, 50-60 hair are cut at 1-0.5 cm from the surface and pulled by epilating forceps with the sudden and optimal strength to pluck the dystrophic hair. These roots are then stained and studied under the microscope to get the better idea of hair roots condition. This test is used in alopecia cases.



    Can hair care be taken if the signs of baldness are known?

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