Eyebrow Hair Transplant


Shaped, well made and full eyebrows are however usually not noticed but rare and thin eyebrows grab attention to person’s face. At Satyam Hair Transplant Center, we follow the advanced hair transplant techniques to offer the permanent hair restoration in your brows.

Dr. K.K. Arora performs the eyebrow restoration in an excellent manner to restore your eyebrows or develop small regions of hair loss that were damaged due to plucking or scars. Eyebrow restoration involves the use of techniques in which the small region of hair simply above the ear region is transplanted to the eyebrows. The transplant is conducted by our professional surgeon and is accomplished within two to three hours.

With the transplantation, we offer the natural and youthful appearance of your eyebrows.

The eyebrows lose their natural look due to various causes such as:

a. Congenital problems

b. Trauma burns, auto-accident, chemical or electrical scars

c. Radiation or chemotherapy

d. Medical, autoimmune disorder

e. Extensive plucking

f. Aging



    For those males and females without natural appearance of their eyebrows, Follicular Unit Extraction offer the easiest and supreme surgical method for quick and simple eyebrow restoration. As compare to strip method, FUE performed by our surgeon offers faster and easier recovery without scars and needs smaller down time.

    By using the single hair grafts or hair follicles are taken from the back side of scalp as they contain the largest count of single hair follicular units with the smallest diameter. The significant factor of how we perform the eyebrow transplantation is that we do not extract hair strip from your scalp. By using advanced FUE technique, our patients enjoy faster recovery and no linear scar on your scalp.


    Males and females share unlike eyebrows. The eyebrows in men are thicker than in females and are in horizontal direction. Females have delicate and magnificent shape. Suitable angling of hair follicle is the crucial feature of a eyebrow transplant procedure. The hair in upper area of the central border of the eyebrow pointing upward to the hairline while the hair on the cross features horizontally near the ears. The hair in the upper region of the eyebrow must be pointed slightly downward and the smaller portion nominally higher, so that they will meet in the middle, creating a small ridge and is similar to the pattern of a feather.

    Eyebrow restoration is done under the local anesthetic at our hair transplant center. Primarily, with a surgical marker creates an outline of your eyebrows maintaining normal position and symmetry earlier stated in your preoperative consultation. Automated FUE performed by our surgeon Dr. K.K. Arora is performed in the correct direction of hair and accurate angle. Focus is given to the development an elegant increase of arch or improvement of already available arch. On the base of your genes and recovery potential your eyebrows hair density will heal and grow accordingly.