Hair Transplant in Women

Hair loss is not less than a nightmare for a person. Today every 3rd person suffers from hair fall problem due to various reasons. Hair fall is specifically more severe problem in women than men, it is because hair is a part of identity for any female. So when you notice an extensive hair number in your comb, it is an alarming situation that you should do something for your hairs.


Women usually do not have stable sites to find healthy hair follicles unlike to men who have stable hair follicles in sides and back of their scalp. Women can lose hair excessively on their head top as well as sides, back and front areas. This is why females are not suited for hair transplant. So who should consider hair transplantation?



    At first the following factors are considered:

    Baldness level, quality and extent of donor sites, hair density and thickness in the recipient sites and hair evaluation results.

    Receiving grafts from donor region: With continual efforts the grafts are take with nominal incision while without affecting the donor sites. The magnitude and quality of grafts that include count of hair are essential for transplant to make it appear fully natural.

    Planting grafts in recipient sites : The grafts received are carefully implanted into the tiny holes that are made in the recipient site. A professional surgeon will be recognized in the way the grafts are restored. An essential factor here is direction and angle of hair in which it is planted. It confirms the appearance of hair as natural and their growth in the same manner alike to real hair.

    Reasons to choose a professional surgeon

    Just like men women can also get the hair transplant surgery in Ludhiana, Punjab as they want it from our clinic. We are the leading clinic in India that gives you reliable women hair transplant in India with permanent results.



    Can hair care be taken if the signs of baldness are known?

    बालों के गंजेपन होने से पहले क्या संकेत माने जाते हैं?

    गंजेपन की शुरुआत किसी भी उम्र से शुरू हो सकती है। अक्सर माना जाता है कि बालों का झड़ना जवानी की उम्रों और बुढ़ापे में ज़्यादा दिखाई देता है, बाकि

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