Pre-Surgery Instructions


Instructions for the patients that must be followed before getting Surgerical Treatment:-

By performing hair transplantation on thousands of patients, our main aim is to receive the natural outcomes that remain unrecognizable. To receive the required results, it is important to follow the proven factors for the natural hair growth. Keeping more knowledge about the hair growth, more chances are of receiving successful results in the hair transplant. Precautions to be followed before Hair Transplant

1. Each patient is unique so our surgeon adjusts the instruction set accordingly. 2. Before 14 days of the procedure, you will be contacted by our surgical staff to get answers of questions about the transplant procedure. You will be referred to start consuming Vitamin C by 1gm for 3 times a day for almost 14 days before the procedure and after 14 days of the treatment to accelerate healing. 3. Before a week of the procedure, it is essential to stop intake of nicotine products and alcohol. Your scalp should also not be sunburned. Our staff will evaluate your health history. 4. Not any special prescriptions are required to be followed prior the transplant. Although, three prescriptions are required to be followed. a. Use of antibiotic to avoid infection b. Keep a hand in case of any inconvenience c. To prevent any swelling 5. On the day of your transplant procedure, take shower and wash your hairs with regular shampoo. Make sure to prevent any kind of hair spray or lotions. 6. Take breakfast in the morning of your surgery 7. If you are a smoker, avoid it a day prior to surgery



    Take the following medication:- Minoxidi 2 to 5%- use this lotion on your recipient area, two times a day. Prednisolone-It should be applied 6 times a day, 1 tablet of 5mg, this treatment is designed to avoid forehead oedema. You do not require to intake this medicine if the transplant only affects the vertex. Augmentin 500mg = take 3 tables per day to avoid any kind of infection. For consultation, you need to show that your body doesn’t shoe any allergic signs to these medicines. In case of any inconvenience, please contact Dr. K.K. Arora imperatively. Start consuming Prednisolone and Augmentin a day prior the surgery. You need to continue intake these medicines for three days even after the treatment.


    A blood analysis is done to check Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. Mainly we should have got the results of the blood test minimum two days before the surgery.


    It is crucial to massage the donor area for one week before surgery to soften the skin in this region that will facilitate the removal of the strip and will decrease the stress that you may experience at the scar subsequent to surgery. This massage helps you improves the skin’s elasticity.

    If feasible, you should begin massage of your scalp before two to four weeks of the procedure, for about ten minutes or 30 minutes a day. On the day of procedure, you should not wear clothes that need to be pulled over your head. Wear your shirt. With these before surgery precautions, you can help your surgical team to perform the procedure conveniently.


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