FUT Hair Transplant


It is the gold standardized method of hair restoration and also known as strip method. It is the most commonly used surgical method for hair restoration for the patients that have larger bald areas.

During the FUT hair transplant in India with the help of scalpel hair bearing skin is removed from the back head where sufficient hair follicles are present.

Then the gap due to removal of strip is sutured and stitched carefully do that scar after removal can be reduced. Strip of hair bearing skin is dissected in grafts in the grouping of 1-4 hairs under the stereo microscope.

Grafts are implanted in the bald areas in the pattern of natural grouping of 1-4 hairs.



    In the prior consultation patient’s hair loss problem is examined with the digital scalp analysis. On the basis of the extent of baldness, age, laxity of scalp, medical history and expectations of patients FUT method is recommended for hair restoration. Beforehand patient is provided with the entire FUT process and its outcomes to clear all his doubts and boost up his confidence.

    As a first step donor area is prepared for surgery and local anesthesia is applied to cause complete numbness of the area so that patient does not feel any pain and discomfort. But this anesthesia must be given in the controlled manner and under administration to prevent any potential risk due to past medical problem of patient.

    Long vertical incisions are made to remove the strip of hair bearing skin from the scalp. The location of donor tissue must be chosen carefully as the survival of grafts after surgery also depend on properties of donor follicles and even location is important to consider because strip must be removed from the area where there is greater hair density so that scar can be concealed.

    After the removal of donor tissue it must be stored in physiological solution that retain the quality of tissue and minimizes the natural fluids of body. During the storage time wound is sutured and stitched carefully so that scar can be minimized.

    The extracted strip is divided into silvers means the single layer of follicular units and further silver is trimmed to remove the extra tissue if any. Layer is separated into the natural grouping 1-4 hairs that are to be implanted.

    With the fine blades and needles recipient site is created and angle for transplanting hair is decided. It is important to create the site with precision only then natural look can be attained. Even the blades are customized as per the size of grafts so that final look after surgery remains natural.

    After the creation of site grafts are transplanted into the tiny holes as per determined angle and direction by the surgeon. It is the final step of FUT hair transplant surgery in Ludhiana but after that transplanted grafts are examined again and again to ensure their correct transplantation. After the surgery patient is given some post op instructions to prevent the side effects and risks after surgery and even some tips for care to optimize the after results.
    After surgery patient can get back to home with the bandaged donor area which is removed after few days as per recommendation of FUT surgeon.


    In the FUT surgery belt of hair follicles is removed and the exposed skin of head is stitched. Wound gets healed over the time but leaves the linear scars. However the artistic skills of hair transplant surgeon can make it less visible and even the hair are transplanted in such a way that it get concealed beneath them after their proper growth.

    FUT has various advantages that have made it gold standardized method for hair restoration. It is ideal for the patients that suffer from severe baldness and even the survival of grafts remain for lifetime. Linear scar caused by surgery remain hidden in most of the cases unless the patient shaves his head or choose short hair style.

    If the surgery has been done by experienced and best surgeon then there is nothing to worry about the potential side effects otherwise in case of inexperienced surgeon patient may suffer with the infection, pus in stitches. Itching, mild pain and redness is quite common after surgery and even healing time is comparatively more than FUE Hair Transplant.


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