Causes Hair Loss


Hair loss significantly affects the appearance and make a person look older than his age. And who want to look older? The answer to this question undoubtedly is no one. There are many different reasons for hair loss such as lack of nutrition, hormonal changes, use of chemical hair products etc. In most people daily 50-100 hair shed; it is a normal rate of hair fall. This daily hair fall doesn’t make your scalp visible but this is not the case when a serious hair fall or hair loss occurs.

The causes of hair loss can differ in younger men, older men and women further because of the difference in their body hormones and bodily processes. To know the cause of a problem is the first step toward solving it. So here we are taking that first step toward solving the hair loss problem and that is to discuss the causes of hair loss. Though it is difficult to tell the exact reason for same. Some of the reasons are as below.



    1. Family History or Heredity:
    2. Hormonal Changes:
    3. Change Immune System:
    4. Infections :
    5. Skin disorders :
    Except these reasons, emotional stress, radiotherapy, excessive use of hair products can cause the hair fall in large number.


    Can hair care be taken if the signs of baldness are known?

    बालों के गंजेपन होने से पहले क्या संकेत माने जाते हैं?

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