Answers to the what, why, and how of the hair transplantation procedure.

बालों के झड़ने की समस्या से छुटकारा कैसे पाएं ? जाने एक्सपर्ट्स से क्या है इसका इलाज

There are so many treatment options for hair loss. But best hair transplant in punjab and the other regions of India has been successful in making the people believe in the success rate of the hair transplant. So in this article, we shall be knowing about everything associated with the hair transplant: 

Every ‘What’, ‘Why’ and ‘How’ about hair transplant will be answered: 

  • What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplant is one of the permanent solutions to the problem of hair loss. As the name itself suggests that this procedure has everything to do with transplantation. Now you may be wondering about where the hair follicles are to be extracted for the transplantation. Then a region of your own body that has a good amount of hair will be used as the transplanted hair. 

  • Why don’t the donor area of other people’s bodies be accounted for in the extraction of the hair grafts? 

It is because of the necessity to make the DNA match the hair and the person. So the hair of the other person can not be accounted for by the transplantation. 

Which regions can be used for the extraction of the hair? 

Usually, the sides and the back of the scalp is used for the extraction of the hair. But there are times when this region of the body does not have sufficient hair grafts, then beard hair can be taken into account in males. 

  • Why do people suffer from hair loss problems?

The hair loss problems are the ones that can come up owing to several reasons. These reasons could be any of the following: 

  • Genetic or hereditary reasons
  • Injury 
  • Age-related changes 
  • In which stages the procedure of the hair transplant has been divided? 

The procedure of the hair transplant is divided into the following stages:

  • Stage 1: Extraction of the hair 

After testing the donor area, the hair grafts are extracted from the particular region. 

  • Stage 2: Checking the hair grafts 

Once the grafts are extracted, then the chosen hair grafts are separated and the selected ones are used in the following stage. 

  • Stage 3: Implantation 

The hair grafts are to be transplanted in the bald region. 

  • Stage 4: Post-operative care 

This is considered as the decider of whether the procedure will be successful or not. 

  • How much cost is charged for the hair transplantation? 

It depends on sundry factors since the overall package of each clinic is different from that of the others: 

  • The expertise of the doctor 

Experienced doctors tend to charge a high amount for the accomplishment of the procedure since their experience counts in this regard. 

  • Type of the treatment 

There are a lot of treatment procedures. So it also creates an impact on the overall hair loss treatment package.

  • Location of the clinic

The location of the clinic decides whether the cost is going to be higher low.

Bottom Line

There are so many aspects of hair transplant. If you want to take up the procedure, then all your doubts and queries will be cleared in the initial consultation.