Hair Transplant in Turkey


In addition to its scenic tourist spots, Turkey is also famous for its delicacies, hospitality and culture. Nowadays, people are visiting this wonderful nation not only for that but also for medical tourism. Hair transplant treatments in Turkey are luring lots of people from the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. You must be thinking why hair transplant in Turkey is so much popular? Well, read on to know the reasons behind it.

Less Expensive: Number one reason behind this is that hair transplant procedures in Turkey cost much less than in other nations. A hair transplant procedure costs about $2,000 in Turkey while in countries like America and UK it is above $20,000. • Shorter Waiting Lists: When you decide to get a hair transplant, the doctors in Turkey give to nearest date possible. You don’t have to wait for months to get the surgery done. • Skilled Professionals: Turkey has surgeons who specialize in this area and they are very skilled. They perform hair transplants that give desired results to the patients.

State-of-the-art Technologies: Medical centers in Turkey use latest tools and technologies and, therefore, they can provide better results to their patients. This also attracts a lot of people to choose Turkey for hair related treatments.

Hospitable Environment: Patients are given a friendly environment by doctors and their staff while they are getting a treatment. It makes people less stressed during the procedure and also helps them recover better.

Government Help: Eyeing the opportunity of a boost in country’s economy from medical tourism, the government is also helping medical centers by giving subsidies to Turkish companies that are promoting their clinics outside the country.

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