Hair prosthetics – Meaning, Cost, Kinds, Hair loss types and Suitability.

Why Do You Think You Have Hair Loss? This is Why!

As a consequence of the numerous medical treatments and other genetic reasons, individuals are prone to suffer from extreme hair loss. No one wants to spoil his emergence owing to any cause. Hair transplant in Punjab is carried out to bring about the best and desired results. But some people do have inculcated faith in hair prosthetics. The hair prosthetics are nothing but a measure to make the scalp full of volumized hair all over again with the use of custom wigs.

What are hair prosthetics?

As we all know that sometimes the consequence or even more precise to say the side effects of some medical treatments or even conditions is the loss of hair. Many opt for the option of the hair transplant while others heavily rely on the prosthetics which are built as per the specifications and the requirement of the hair loss patient. 

The predominant benefit of using hair prosthetics is that they can be customised according to your bald area. They can either be made for the full head or partial head. 

How many types of hair prosthetics are there?

Broadly speaking, there are so many types of hair prosthetics, but the most used among all are the following:

  • Skin hair systems
  • Lace hair systems
  • Skin and lace hair systems
  • Medical wigs

Under which medical conditions, we are allowed to use the prosthetics?

The use of the prosthetics depends upon the medical conditions and the mentioning of the following medical conditions signifies that hair prosthetics can be used in these conditions:

  • Alopecia

Following varieties of the alopecia are the most commonly encountered hair loss conditions:

  • Alopecia areata ( Round patch -oriented baldness)
  • Alopecia totalis ( Complete baldness of the scalp)
  • Alopecia Universalis ( Hair loss in all the body parts)
  • Trichotillomania

This is a kind of mental disorder in which the patient cannot resist his urge to unknowingly pull the hair from various regions of the body like the scalp, eyebrows and even intimate area. 

  • Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a treatment that is used to cure cancer, owing to these treatment options, the cancer-patients are definite to encounter hair loss.

  • Lace hair systems

These hair systems are most commonly used among people who live in humidity-oriented regions. Besides, the athletes also rely on this hair system because these do have the characteristic of resist-sweat. 

Which patients do rely on the use of medical wigs?

Medical wigs are commonly used by those patients whose skin is quintessentially sensitive to the glue, so they cannot use the glue on their scalps. In those conditions, the dermatologist always suggests the use of medical wigs.

What is the cost of hair prosthetics?

As we all know, the intensity and the dimensions of the bald area varies from person to person. So do they require differentiation in their material? All these factors account for the eventual cost of hair prosthetics. 


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