Hair Transplant – Before and After Care Measures & Cost of the procedure

In this article post, we are going to learn about the precautions the patients have to consider before and after undergoing a hair transplant in Punjab and last but not least, we shall also be discussing the hair transplant cost in Punjab. So shall we begin?

“Before” Hair Transplant Measures

Before undergoing the hair transplant the patient has to avoid doing certain things and has to start making some things an important part of life. Is it vague? Let me clear this out with some of the bullets.

  • No alcohol and cigarette smoking

No matter how hard it is for you, if you want to achieve successful results from the hair transplantation procedure, then it is essential that you quit smoking and the intake of alcohol completely for a few days.

  • No junk food

This “BEFORE” Period of the hair transplantation, is accountable for making your body respond to the changes that you will encounter after undergoing the hair transplantation procedure.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

The water should be intaken in plenty. It is accountable for keeping your body hydrated which is necessary.

  • Eat healthy fruits and vegetables

Make sure that you are eating healthy fruits and vegetables. These are great sources to nourish your body thoroughly.

“After” Hair Transplant Measures

Once the hair transplant procedure is carried out, now there comes recovery periods which accounts for almost 50% success of the total procedure. Apart from the measures listed above, you should also take the following into account:

  • No strenuous activity

No doubt the recovery period will be your me-time, but still, you will not be allowed to do gyming, weight lifting and any such activity.

  • Stay away from the stress

Stress is one of the greatest enemies of human health. The individual in his recovery period is needed to stay miles away from the stress. Not only this, but the patient should also try doing some of the relaxing exercises or yoga that are supposed to keep your mind cool and calm.

Here comes the hottest topic of today’s times.

Cost Of The Hair Transplant

The cost of a hair transplant is determined by several factors. These factors account for some percentage in calculating the overall cost. Location of the clinic, Expertise and Experience of the doctors, the status of the donor and the recipient area and type of the procedure being used to carry out the hair transplantation are some of the factors responsible for dominating the hair transplant cost. But the giant factor which dominates the cost a lot is the cost of the grafts. In Indian, hair transplantation procedures are offered at low prices. The cost of the single graft may be INR 25 to 30/-

Bottom Line

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