Hair Transplant in Dabwali

Hair Transplant in DABWALI

Hair loss can be treated well with the surgical hair restoration method as it can restore hair naturally that last long for entire life.

Transplantation is the delicate procedure must be done by the experienced surgeon with the effective skills so that patient can get non invasive surgery with the most feasible outcomes

Satyam Hair Transplant Process

 We perform hair restoration surgery in following simple steps

Before the surgery patients can talk with the experts for the evaluation of their problem. In the pre surgical session experts examine the each hair issue with digital scalp analysis and then select the follicles that have resistant for loss.

Donor area is washed with antibiotics and local anesthesia is applied to cause the complete numbness of scalp

Then with the magnificent tools healthy hair follicles are picked and separated from the tissues without damaging them

Small incisions are made for the placement of donor grafts. With the fine needle grafts are placed in the incisions at correct depth, distance and direction so that new hair can mimic the existing hair. Transplantation of donor follicles is also done under the local anesthesia.

Patent can have noticeable growth within few weeks of hair transplant in Dabwali.