Hair Transplant in Faridkot


Hair loss or baldness can be a disheartening issue when it affects you at a young age. While there are certain medicines that can pose a solution for this problem, it is not mandatory that these would work absolutely fine and give you the result you desire. Therefore, Satyam Hair Transplant has brought its advanced technological hair restoration methods to Faridkot to help individuals who are seeking a perfect solution for their hair-related problems. 

The best FUE Hair Transplant centre in Faridkot is known for providing one of the most trustworthy and reliable services to help people regain their hair as well as the confidence they once lost. 

The team at our clinic comprises skilled professionals who have extensive knowledge gained through the years in the hair transplant industry. Their expertise allows us to comprehensively guide you through the available options and the process required for them. Our clear understanding of the procedure, as well as your concerns, allows us to find a solution for you that can correct the pattern of baldness in both men and women. The methods used at FUE Hair Transplant Centre in Faridkot are absolutely safe and ensure a great result that seems natural. 

FUE Hair Transplant Process 

The process of FUE transplant involves four simple steps that give you the luscious hair you have always desired. 

Step 1: Selection Of Donor And Preparation

In the first step of the low-cost FUE Hair Transplant In Faridkot, the head of the patient is analysed in depth with special tools and advanced technology to identify and select the door area. The selection of the area depends upon the density and the requirement of the hair follicle. Once the donor site is selected, that particular area is shaved and numbed by giving anaesthesia to the patient. 

Step 2: Hair Follicles

The second step at the FUE Hair Transplant Centre in Faridkot includes the harvesting of hair follicles. It is performed with the help of precision tools that are like micro punches with a diameter of less than 1mm. The hair follicles are separately extracted from the donor area, which is usually present at the back of the head. 

Step 3: Preparation Of Recipient Area

The area that requires hair restoration, known as the recipient area, is prepared by giving anaesthesia in order to prevent pain during the procedure. Small incisions are placed at a suitable angle and direction to make a natural, good-looking hair growth. The FUE hair transplant centre makes sure that the patient does not experience discomfort or pain during the procedure. 

Step 4: Transplantation

The final step includes the transplantation of the hair follicles one by one into the incision based on the required density of the hair. After the procedure, the patient is called the next day to the FUE Hair Transplant Centre in Faridkot for a hygienic hair wash. After a couple of days, the patient can get back to work without any problems.

With these four simple steps, you can get a perfect solution for your hair-related problem and remarkable results that boost your confidence.