Hair Transplant in Fatehgarh Sahib

Satyam Hair Transplant Center Fatehgarh Sahib

Technology has brought much advancement in the field of hair restoration and FUE is one of them. If you are victim of hair loss then there is good news for you that FUE can restore your hair naturally that last for lifetime.

At our leading hair restoration center you can get perfect solution for your problem. Our Experienced surgeon Dr. K. K. Arora is world’s one of the pioneer surgeons with the contribution id hi unique art of new third generation for FUE hair transplant in Fatehgarh sahib. It provides the natural hair growth with freedom to have hair style after surgery.

In this procedure   loss resistant hair follicles are selected by the experts after the digital scalp analysis. On the surgical day, under local anesthesia selected follicles are picked and extracted one by one according to the count of grafts required to cover the bald portion

After the completion of extraction process team of professional technicians collect, arrange, count and store the extracted follicles in the storage solution that keep preserve the properties of follicles even out of body.

Then donor follicles are directly placed into the incisions made with the fine needle at the adequate distance, depth and at correct angle similar to the existing hair so that patient can have undetectable hair after the treatment.

If you are looking for low cost FUE hair transplant in Sirhind but without any compromise for quality then feel free to talk to our experts at any time for FREE.