Hair Transplant in Firozpur

FUE Hair Transplant Procedure- A Breakthrough in Cosmetic Industry

FUE is a major advancement in the hair transplant industry that goes one step further to offer the nominally invasive hair restoration. The commitment of almost scar – free and pain – free surgery is attractive to patient as well as surgeon.

The main reason for choosing FUE hair transplant in Firozpur instead FUT or strip harvest can be avoided that occurs in linear scar, the need of naturally pain-free post operation time or simply the concept of having an almost non-invasive process.

FUE technique serves as an essential alternative to conventional hair restoration in specifically eligible patients.

Benefits of FUE

FUE is performed by an automated hair transplant machine that assists surgeons in performing the procedure. The FUE hair transplant cost in Firozpur is about 1,49,000 INR for 3500 hair grafts. The performance output is consistent and reliable. The surgeons perform the implantation of grafts accurately to make them look like natural hairs by planting the hairs at the correct angle and position. The procedure improves hairline density in the scalp hence effectively increases hair growth in males who are suffering from hair loss due to male pattern hair loss. FUE offers natural looking hairs.