Hair Transplant in Hoshiarpur

Best Hair Loss Prevention Technique that is Mildly Surgical

Are you looking for the most feasible less-invasive procedure, we offer advanced FUE hair transplant that is known for its significant benefits. It doesn’t create any scar and is widely available as the best replacement of FUT.

The FUE hair transplant in Hoshiarpur, provided at Satyam Clinic offers the natural looking hairs, with the honest efforts of our team that follows the completely artistic approach. The very first step involved in this procedure is to extract hair follicles in the donor region. The hairs are removed in their naturally present 1-4 hair follicle units in the areas that contain hairs in higher density.

The removed hairs are then assessed to determine their integrity and perfection for transplant. Our surgeons then meticulously place these hairs at the correct angle, direction and pattern as of original hair to make them unnoticeable.

An accurate transplant allows sufficient blood that is required to nourish the scalp in the restored area. The donor area is dressed after the procedure by using an antibiotic to prevent the infection.

As this procedure involves extreme skills and labor therefore the cost is higher than FUT, usually FUE hair transplant cost in Hoshiarpur rises up to 1,20,000 to perform the restoration of around 3500 grafts. The procedure is completed within one day so the patients are allowed to turn back to their home the same day of the procedure. The scars heal within three to four days and become totally invisible.