Hair Transplant in Manesar

Progressive Hair Loss Solutions for Men

Hair Transplant should be performed by a team of skilled and expert surgeons who will handle your sensitive scalp. The procedure is conducted while taking care of different subtleties and nuances to bring the ultimate pleasure to the patient. Successful FUE hair transplant in Manesar restores the confidence and youth.

The cost per graft in FUE is only an estimate that varies from $5 to $7 per graft. If you are getting the procedure at lower procedure, beware of them. Ask for meet the surgeon in person, are there less skilled technicians or not experienced surgeon? At a professional clinic, FUE hair transplant cost in Manesar may goes about $2000 to $15,000.

FUE is almost double times costlier than FUT because of the more intensive procedure involved. Presently with the advancement in the procedure the cost is gradually decreasing that makes it more affordable for every bald person.

India is the popular country for receiving the economical FUE hair transplant procedure therefore people from the different parts of the world comes here to get the affordable treatment for baldness. Men suffer more with hair loss problems than women. The cost of procedure varies from $4.50 to $7 on the basis of count of graft.