Hair Transplant in Morinda

Put the worries aside

It is true that hair fall is increasing due to different reasons but you shouldn’t add stress on yourself. There have been different treatments introduced just to help you stop hair fall. Alopecia can be treated oral medications and injections

Procedures in case you want a hair transplant

Hair transplant surgeries are one of the commonest ways to stop baldness and hair fall. The techniques include;

This is where grafts are independently harvested from the donor sites to the recipient site. The affected area or the patchy area is examined and the right number of grafts is collected. It is a better technique and does not a scar like FUT.

This is the latest and it involves the use of an implanter and hair follicles are specifically harvested and implanted in the bald area and it helps in getting natural and healthy hair. It is not so much different from FUE just that it is a cleaner procedure.

In this one, a strip of hair follicles is cut from the densely occupied area in the sides of the head to the area that has the bald. This technique is commonly used for those who want more hair on their heads.

In addition, hair transplant procedures require health examination and there are pros and cons that one has to follow to avoid complications.

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