Hair Transplant In Sultanpur Lodhi


More than 60% are suffering from hair loss in very young age and remain concisions about getting back their look back and confidence. Hair transplantation is one of the best solutions for such people that can not only restore their hair but charming look and confidence also.

Satyam Hair transplant Bholath has brought the hair transplant in Sultanpur Lodhi at very reasonable rates so within the budget people can have natural and dense hair for life time.



    We are heading in hair loss treatments since last two decades so our experience helps us to provide the best treatment to each patient depending upon expectations. We have one of the best hair specialist in Bholath.

    Before the treatment our experts put their 100% efforts in scalp analysis to know each and every issue related to the hair loss problem. Patient is asked for the clear images of ask and medical history to get the feasible results. in the prior session of consultation along with the diagnosis of hair issues estimation of results and expectations are discussed to bridge the gap between both and even for transparency method to be used and cost  is discussed with the patiently to prevent further confusions.

    After the healthy conversation with the patient is ask to come in the morning for surgery on particular day. Even prior instructions are provided by experts regarding best suited clothes, diet and some prevention that are needed for successful surgery.

    On the surgical day under local anesthesia complete surgery is done for numbness of the scalp and to avoid any kind of pain and discomfort to patient.

    According to the discussed method extraction of follicles is done with minimal damage to scalp.  Surgeon’s artistic skills help patient to have non invasive and scar free treatment. During the time gap between extraction and transplantation proper care is provided to the follicles and prevented them from the dehydration which can impact the survival of grafts after surgery. However surgeons do surgeries with less time gap between removal and harvesting of follicles but still these follicles are kept in the adequate solution that provide moisture, oxygen and even nutrition to follicles so that follicles can be prevented from damage that can be due to cut of supply of blood outside body.

    Then the healthy follicles are transplanted with the advanced and sterilized tools to cover the bald and thinning areas. After 4-5 hours patient is free to go home but instructed to revisit center for proper scalp wash on next day.


    We provide safe and best treatment without risks and complications. However patient may have sore scalp and redness but it is normal and gets healed in two to three days. In few weeks patient can witness growing follicles but the actual result can be seen in a year with naturally growing healthy hair.


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