How much time it takes for the hair transplantation to show the results?

Rehabilitate Hair and Retreat Baldness Through Natural Therapy

Can you think of yourself without hair and with a bladed head? I know, you can’t. Even nobody can’t imagine such things. Because everybody knows that their looks will undergo a severe adverse effect if either their hair does not have the required volume or they are not present. Gone are the times, when people would praise Anupam Kher for his bald head. Now people prefer to style their hair the same as that of Tiger Shroff, Vicky Kaushal and Kartik Aryan. And FYI, None of them is bald. So for this reason, people are counting on the hair transplant in Punjab

After undergoing the hair transplant procedure, many people are of the view, how much time it takes for the transplanted grafts to adapt to the conditions of the bald area. So we have listed the ensuing information based on that:

  • Your medical history

Everybody knows that before performing the procedure, the surgeon deliberates with the patient and picks out the necessary points based on his medical history. Sometimes the medical history of the patient is not complicated to the extent that the procedure can’t be performed. But yes! Surely even the little complications produce an effect on the survival of the hair follicles. 

  • Type of the procedure

There are many hair restoration procedures available. But the ones which are performed on your scalp do produce a significant effect on the survival of the hair grafts. 

  • The expertise of the doctor

The success rate of hair restoration heavily depends upon the experience of the doctor. That counts a lot when it’s time for the hair grafts to in the scalp 

  • The after-care matters

No matter how proficiently the doctor has taken up the procedure, but if you are not following the right precautionary measures after the measures, then everything will go in vain. Because in many cases of hair transplantation, the doctors successfully carry out the procedure. But because of the negligence of the patients in following the preventive measures, the whole procedure is rendered useless. 

  • Dehydration

The dermatologist always advises the patients to keep themselves ultimately hydrated. It is necessary for the survival of the hair grafts. Besides, it is mandatory for the other body conditions as well. If your body will remain healthy, only then you can expect the grafts to survive in a better and required way.

  • Diet

Who can forget the role of the diet? It is indispensable as long as anything to do with the physical conditions is concerned. If the one will continue to eat the junk food items which have imbalanced contents of the oil and the spices, then how can the patient expect the blood will flow at the required pace and amounts. 


If you are not aware of the precautionary or preventive measures, then make sure you are deliberating with your doctor on this. Because he is the one who can guide you right in this matter. Besides, we are sure that you know that the intake of alcohol or cigarettes is to be completely neglected.