Satyam Hair Transplant in Delhi

Satyam Hair Transplant in Delhi

Hair loss has become common problem among the males and females of all ages including youngsters. At Satyam we provide the personalized treatment for hair loss problems. We provide the specialized hair transplantation with latest world proven techniques authored by world class hair transplant surgeon. Dr. K.K. Arora is known for providing best hair transplant in Delhi. Our pioneered techniques enable the surgeons to improve the graft survival and decrease manual handling, higher success and remarkable results. Our specialists with their state of art technology choose and extract the best quality loss resistant hair follicles by ensuring no damage to the original tissue and scalp. And then transplant in the bald portions at correct angle, depth and distance to restore natural look of patient. We strive for the utmost satisfaction of patients with reliable and safe results


We have experience of providing unbeatable results in thousands hair transplant surgeries. We provide the treatment with various methods mentioned below


    All above method make sure to restore the confidence and self esteem of patient with head full of hair. At Satyam patients can have most feasible results with our specific services

    Our Delhi Address

    Dr Anvikas’s Skin house (Anti Ageing Laser Clinic) at Sehgal Hospital, Outer ring road, Paschim Vihar Delhi