Satyam Hair Transplant Mexico

Satyam Hair Transplant Mexico

Hair transplantation is one of the important achievements of medical science as this method is really proved as most successful method of hair restoration. Suffering from hair loss people do unlimited efforts to restore their natural look but transplant is the only option that has given those desired results and satisfaction.

It is the surgical procedure in which hair are taken from the back head and transplanted in the bald area.

This surgical hair restoration can be used for both male and females especially for the pattern hair loss. It is the best way to restore younger, natural and smarter look and even now at affordable prices.



    In this advanced technique individual hair follicles containing natural grouping of 1-4 hair are harvested with micro punches of having diameter less than 1mm from the donor area and transplanted in the recipient site according to requirement

    In this method strip of hair bearing skin is removed from the most fertile part of the scalp also called permanent zone. Then the strip of follicles is dissected into individual grafts and then these grafts are transplanted in bald portion. In this method there is need to suture the donor area.

    This is advanced method combined of two procedures FUE and bio therapy and even it can be called as improved FUE procedure. In this method along with normal FUE some growth cells are also injected in the scalp for quick healing and stimulating hair growth.




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