Satyam Hair Transplant U.S.A

Hair Transplant Before & After

Satyam Hair Transplant USA

Hair transplant can be great solution for the people that remain stressed due to baldness. this procedure can bring back the lost self esteem, confidence by restoring the lost hair.

What Is Hair Transplant And Its Procedure?

it is the surgical procedure used for hair restoration means to fill the area with thin or no hair.  this procedure based on the principle that active follicles retrain their properties even after their shifting from the one part of the scalp to the other.

in the initial consultation of Hair Transplant In California, surgeons ask some questions related to health , expectations of patient then deep scalp analysis is done for knowing extent of hair loss and root cause of problem, hair texture and skin type. after that surgeons choose the healthiest and loss resistant hair follicles from the most fertile part of scalp for harvesting from the back head which is called donor area.

then after applying local anesthesia, healthy follicles are extracted from the donor area and then transplanted in the bald areas according to requirements at adequate angle, depth and distance so that patients can have natural looking hair for permanent basis.

Hair Transplant In Los Angeles is done with mainly FUE method in which individual hair follicles are removed for transplantation to give scar free and painless surgical treatment. other than this FUT method is also there in which strip of hair follicles is removed and dissected in natural grouping of hair for transplantation.


    After Surgery

    It is the safe procedure and suitable for  all men and women. it is best way to meet the expectations for restoring hair with this procedure.

    after surgery patient can experience the tender scalp with redness and swollen scalp but it is quite normal and gets vanish in 2-3 days. Patient may need some medications for some days. minor pain can also be experienced by the patient but it can be handled by taking doctor prescribed pain killers.

    After 2-3 weeks after the surgery the newly grown hair can be shed due to shock loss but it is normal and after sometimes these hair start growing for lifetime. in 6-9 months up to 60% hair growth can be noticed but the actual results can be seen in one year.

    This revolutionary treatment must be taken from the specialist for safe and reliable results so before taking Hair Transplant In New York it is important to look for best surgeon and best hair clinic.

    Now we offer the hair transplant in Russia for those people who didn’t want to travel USA for their treatment.