The Advanced Knowledge About The Basic Questions Of The Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant - Basic Questions & Advanced Answers

The Micro-graft Dominated Procedure 

Hair Transplantation is a procedure that is divided into two stages – the extraction and the implantation procedure. This procedure first of all involves the extraction of the hair grafts with the help of the micrografting technique. After that, a specially designed machine will be used for the implantation of the hair follicles. In this blog, we shall be answering the basic questions about hair transplant in punjab in the advanced contexts.

What Exactly Is Hair Transplantation? 

Hair transplantation can be considered a switching oriented procedure. In this procedure, the grafts from the donor area ( the area which has a sufficient amount of hair) are transplanted into the bald region ( the area which is suffering from hair loss).

There are a few approaches that can be used to carry out the procedure like the following:

Follicular Unit Extraction Follicular Unit Transplantation Bio FUE 

Do you know? 

Earlier, only Follicular Unit Trsnppantion was considered. But after the modifications in the procedure, the latest version came into existence which was Follicular Unit Extraction. Afterwards, the procedure to trigger the regenerative cells for hair growth was introduced which was known as the Bio Follicular Unit Extraction. 

What Does The Journey Of The Hair Transplant Involve? 

The hair transplantation journey commences the minute you realise that you should undergo the hair transplantation. From choosing the right clinic to the recovery period after the surgical stratagem, everything is the curricula part of the hair transplantation journey. 

The glimpses of your hair transplantation journey are as follow:

  • It’s your Personal Choice 
  • Choosing the right clinic 
  • Initial consultation with the cosmetic surgeon 
  • The following of the preoperative measures
  • Arriving in the clinic on the day of the hospital 
  • The Postoperative Care after the procedure 
  • Visiting the doctor for the follow-up sessions

Can The Results Of The Hair Transplant Be Enjoyed For A Long Time?

The results of the hair transplant procedure can be enjoyed for a long time if you are keeping up with the precautionary measures and the preventive measures. Also, you have to follow some of the restrictions. You shouldn’t be drinking alcohol and consuming cigarettes. 

Why Are The Alcohol And The Cigarettes Said To Be Getting Refrained From? 

Alcohol and cigarettes are the ones that are known to restrict the flow of blood to the areas where transplantation is done. 

Do The Results Of The Hair Transplant Interfere With The Age-related Changes?

Although the results of the hair transplantation are enjoyed for a longer period. But there is no such procedure that could help you to resist age-related changes. No doubt, the results of the procedure are permanent, but the thinning of the hair can be encountered with the progressed age. 

Bottom Line

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