The beginner’s guide to the hair transplantation procedure and its outcomes

Before we opt up for undergoing the hair transplant in Punjab, we must know the following things which are quintessentially important to be known by the hair loss patient: 

  • What is the meaning of hair transplantation? 

It is a hair restoration procedure that aims to transplant the bald area with the donated hair follicles. It is relevant to mention here that the hair follicles cannot be donated by the other person since the DNA of the hair follicles should be the same. 

  • Are there any eligibility criteria for hair transplantation? 

Yes, the patient must have satisfied the following credential to make sure that he is fit to undergo the procedure: 

  • The age of the patient should not be less than 18 years. 
  • The patient should not be having any heart diseases. Neither the patient should be suffering from diabetes nor he should experience the fluctuation in the blood pressure levels. 
  • The donor area of the patient should be having the required number of grafts. 
  • How should the patient prepare for the hair transplantation? 

The preparation involves the following: 

No smoking and drinking 

The patient should not be consuming alcohol and cigarettes before the procedure. If he does, then the stratagem will never come out to be successful. 

  • How many types of hair transplantation procedures are there? 

There are customarily three kinds of the procedure which are as follow: 

  • Follicular Unit transplantation 
  • Follicular Unit extraction 
  • Bio FUE 
  • What are the benefits of undergoing the procedure? 

Undergoing hair transplantation is beneficial because of the following: 

  • The natural look

The transplanted hair follicles will never give you the superficial look. Nobody will be able to find out whether you have undergone any kind of hair restoration stratagem or not. 

  • The long-lasting results

The outcomes of the hair transplantation can be enjoyed for a longer period. But you have to follow some precautions even after the procedure which will ensure that the hair does not shed off. 

  • Which after-care measure should be followed? 

Subsequent measures will help you to make the results of the procedure long-lasting; 

  • Complete abstinence from alcohol and smoking 

Alcohol and smoking are known to hinder the flow of blood. So the individual should complete them to enjoy the results in the long run. 

  • No strenuous activity

For the very week when you have undergone a procedure, you should not be engaging in any kind of strenuous activity. By strenuous activity, we mean any of the acts which may either cause you to sweat or be physically exhausted. 

  • Do not wash hairs 

Do not wash the hair unless suggested by the doctor. 

  • Do not touch the transplanted hair 

Touching or tampering with the transplanted hair will lead to the dislodgement of the hair. 

  • Which factors should you keep in mind before taking the procedure? 

First of all, you ought to be comfortable with the cost of the procedure. 

The procedure will require you to take some days off from your work. 

The results can only be enjoyed for a long time if you follow the after-care measures.