What is the importance of taking into account beard hair as the donor’s hair?

FUE hair transplantation – its benefits make it the best hair restoration technique

As we know that in the hair transplantation procedure, there is a need to extract the hair follicles from one zone of the body and transplant them to another azone which is the bald area and that needs to be treated. The extraction of hair is usually carried out from the sides of the scalp but sometimes there may be a problem in which the patient does not possess either the significant amount of the hair grafts or the good quality of the hair grafts. In those conditions, there is a need to extend the zone of finding out the donor zone and we would tackle the extraction of hair from the beard. So the hair of the beard is used to transplant them in the hair transplant in Ludhiana.

What are the benefits of undertaking beard hair as the donor’s hair?

There are many advantages of taking up the option taking into account the beard hair, but we are mentioning only a few predominant of them:

  • Thicker hair

Who does not want to have a head which is full of densely volumized hair? If you do have such expectations, then you should tell your surgeon about this because in those cases the surgeon takes into account using the hair from the beard. Because the beard hair is thicker than the scalp hair and they do give a look of the voluminous scalp when these are used as the donor’s hair. 

  • Why waste unwanted hair?

We all know that after the growth of facial hair to a significant extent, males tend to shave it. So these are the unwanted hair. So if these are used in the scalp for carrying out the hair transplantation procedure, then you would not feel losing hair from your beard, because beard hair is prone to grow over and over again. 

Which extraction technique is taken into account while eliminating the hair from the barred?

There are predominantly two kinds of techniques one is manual hair extraction and the other is robotic hair extraction. No doubt both the techniques are recognized for their preciousness but it is also relevant to mention here that the procedure which should be taken into account for extracting the hair particularly depends on the regions from which the hair is going to be extracted. 

If it is about the beard, then the robotic techniques cannot be taken into account. It requires manual effort to eliminate the hair meticulously but not causing any harm to the hair grafts. 

What should one expect after the hair transplant is done using the hair of the beard?

The expectation should be modified following the type of region used for the extraction process. If beard hair is used, then one should surely consider that there is a difference between the anagen and telogen phase of different donor zones. 


One can maintain the results throughout the lifespan by taking into account some of the precautionary measures.