Which is the permanent solution to the hair loss problem? What is its mechanism?

Have you ever been to a saloon? You might have noticed that the mirrors are placed at all the sides, so that the customer may come across the detailed work which the hairdresser has done on the hair. With this, we can imagine how much importance is the detailed work for the hair. So we can easily imagine what will happen in the situations in which the patient completely loses his hair owing to biological or other external factors. For this reason, the number of people taking hair transplant in ludhiana is considerably rising. 

So today we are going to understand the solution to the problem of hair loss. 

  • Hair restoration procedures

Hair transplant is usually deemed  as the permanent solution to the problem of hair loss since it includes the invasive procedure in which the hair from one part of the body are transplanted in the bald portion of the scalp, 

Three approaches are there to accomplish the hair transplantation

  • Follicular unit transplantation
  • Follicular unit extraction
  • Bio FUE
  • FUT 

When the strips from either the back or sides of the scalp are extracted and are transplanted in the bald area, then this method is usually known as the strip harvesting method or FUT. 

  • FUE 

As the strips used to be extracted in the FUT, the FUE procedure takes the grafts of the hair into account which is compatible and less invasive and is associated with the rapid recovery rate. 

  • Bio FUE 

The blood from the recipient zone is obtained. The regenerative cells are separate from the impurities that are found in the blood. Once the regenerative cells are transfused in the bald area, then the procedure is deemed as accomplished. 

  • Measures to follow

The value of considering the Preventive and precautionary measures can not be understated since these are responsible for the achievement of the desired results. 

  • Factors impacting the lasting nature of the hair transplant

As mentioned the hair transplant is no doubt the long-lasting or permanent solution to hair loss. But one must know that the results of the hair transplant can only be enjoyed for a longer period if the patient will follow some of the precautionary and preventive measures: 

  • Sleep by elevating your head ( for 3 to 4 weeks)
  • Avoid intake of the non-prescribed medications
  • No hair bath ( for 4 days) 
  • Use the shampoo or the oil as suggested by the doctor
  • Do not take pain killer unless the pain is unendurable
  • Avoids the strain or sweat causing activities 9 for one month) 
  • Try to give yourself rest and peace of mind 
  • Do not touch the transplanted hair
  • Do not pick on your scabs
  • Do not massage the hair unless told ( for the first 21 days) 
  • Do not comb or style hair unless permitted by the doctor
  • Avoid the excessively spicy and oily food 
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight for the prolonged hours
  • Do not intake alcohol and cigarettes ( for the lifetime) (the consumption in moderate amounts will not be a problem)


To have the best guidance in regards to the hair transplantation procedure, you should consult the expert dermatologists and the surgeons of the satyam hair transplant india.