Why do the doctors suggest avoiding apples before hair transplantation?

Should you consume apples before a hair transplant?

Have you ever heard the famous saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away?” If yes, then you might have thought to make it fit in the hair loss context as well. No? I know, you surely have done that. Well, apples have nothing to do with hair loss problems. But yes these are one of the things that you must include in the healthy diet which is necessary to prevent hair loss.

Here Comes The Information That You Wanted!

Do cosmetic surgeons suggest consuming apples before the hair transplant surgery or not? No, the doctors usually instruct the hair loss patients ( willing to undergo hair transplant procedure) to stop consuming apples. Are you thinking, “WHY?”

Have Patience…Lol! Our today’s blog is going to be on this topic.

Before knowing why the doctor does not suggest eating apples before the hair restoration surgery, it is relevant to know about the nutritional facts of apples.

Apples – Powerhouse of Vitamin C

All of us know that apples are considered a great source of vitamin C. This fruit is considered heavenly as it has the best characteristics that suit extremely well to health. Being a superb natural antioxidant, it helps your body to become boosted as far as the resistance is concerned. The resistance helps make your body efficiently battle against the infections and the damage which may or may not be caused by the free radicals. Each time you are consuming an apple, your body gets a great dose of the vitamin content. Apart from vitamin C, vitamin B compound is also found in these.


All the above-mentioned properties of apples are no doubt extremely beneficial for health. But vitamin C which is present in giant amounts (4.25mg) in apples is accountable for making your blood thin.

So What, If Blood Gets Thinned?

There is no problem if your blood gets thin, particularly if you are not planning to undergo an invasive surgical procedure. The invasiveness of the surgery is sure to make you bleed. In case, the blood will be thin, then the amount of blood loss will be considered great in comparison with the condition in which the blood is thickened.

To make sure the blood of the patient does not get extremely thinned before the procedure, the doctors usually ask the patients to avoid the consumption of the apples.

For How Long Should You Avoid Apples?

It is usually suggested to stop consuming apples 2 weeks before the surgery. In the patients who are already suffering from blood-thinning problems, the doctors suggest starting avoiding the same 1 month before the surgery.

Not Only Apples!

The hair loss patient intending to undergo the hair transplant in Ludhiana should not only consider avoiding apples before the surgery but the other fruits and vegetables are to be avoided as well. Stop intaking any kind of vitamin supplements unless suggested by the doctor.