Hair Transplant In Chandigarh


Since beginning, we have provided successful hair transplantation treatment to thousands of people not only in Chandigarh but around the country. Our dedication for excellence and inborn aesthetic skills has enabled us in providing the supreme hair transplant in Chandigarh. Our expertise can be determined by the fact that our patients not only are in India in fact also from the various parts of world like London, Canada, Turkey etc. Patients from the different parts of world have connected to us and received transplants performed by us.

With the passage of time, numerous advancements have been observed in the sector of hair restoration. Modern techniques of follicular transplantation provide natural results without affecting the patient’s visibility. We follow the proven surgical standards in addition of our commitment for the delivery of excellence endowed with the advanced hair restoration techniques. The advancements are included into the skills of our experienced surgeons who have a wealth of experience in this field.

We promise to offer the maximum care of our patients in the warm, friendly and caring environments. From pre-treatment advice, process and experience, we provide complete assurance with our skills. We have done above thousand of hair transplantations in Chandigarh so you can be rest assured of receiving the quality results.

Our clinic is well maintained to provide cozy stay and treatment rooms are well equipped with the modern surgical and sterling apparatus to provide utmost care of your health, relieve and suitable hair restoration. The extended operation theatres with diagnostic equipment’s and waiting rooms for the visitors are made to meet your individual needs very well. With the help of our professional and certified team of surgeons, we provide the best care while proceeding



    For hair transplant surgery in Chandigarh, the emphasis is on the optimal method to receive the desired results. There are several innovative and leading hair restoration methods that are used by our doctors. We have employed excessively trained and skilled surgeons who accurately know how to do their job. We implement the best suited methods for each and individual cases. As we understand that each patient has its individual needs, our counsellors and surgeons pay full attention in understanding your needs in order to provide results beyond the expectation.

    Each hair transplant in Chandigarh technique has specific benefits and indications. We are aware of the whole traditional and modern techniques. The standard methods used for hair transplantation are:

    The hair extraction is commonly performed from:

    Most of patients prefer to remove the unwanted body hair. The hair transplantation meets the both purposes of reducing unwanted hair and transplanting them to the scalp. In our clinic, hairs are removed from under arms, pubic and leg without any side effects. Donor and receiver regions recover to the normal state without any scars.

    The body hair varies in level, color and texture. We blend up the body hair with scalp to obtain an even appearance and touch. In order to avoid any confusion, we also allow patients to go through tests through which they can observe how the grafted hair grow like scalp hair within the specified time. The patients are fully satisfied by the results and decide to go with the complete transplantation.

    So if you are also suffering from the hair loss problems and seeking for getting hair back, contact us today for hair transplant surgery in Mohali. Just give us a call or send an email to get an estimate of hair transplant cost in Mohali and start the treatment in your convenient time.


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